"Telemedicine is an upcoming field in health science arising out of the effective fusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with Medical Science having enormous potential in meeting the challenges of healthcare delivery to rural and remote areas besides several other applications in education, training and management in health sector.

It may be as simple as two health professionals discussing medical problems of a patient and seeking advice over a simple telephone to as complex as transmission of  electronic medical records of clinical information, diagnostic tests such as E.C.G., radiological images etc. and carrying out real time interactive medical video conference with the help of IT based hardware and software, video-confernce using broadband telecommunication  media provided by satellite  and terrestrial network"

Declaration : This portal aims at creating a knowledge base on telemedicine in India and will act as single source of reference in due course of time. The portal is created and maintained as a research project by the School of Telemedicine & Biomedical Informatics, SGPGIMS, Lucknow, INDIA with support from Sony, Japan without any conflict of interest. It has just been launched and contents are getting loaded periodically. It may be considered as test run till we declare it completely open. Relevant contents and suggestions are invited to make it useful for the purpose for which it is created

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